The Danish Maritime Authority is the lead partner in EfficienSea, responsible for project management, finances and communication.
The Danish Maritime Safety Administration (DaMSA) was one of the driving forces when the EfficienSea project was developed. Together with partner organisations the content and the structure of the project was decided, and DaMSA accepted the task of being the Lead Partner.
DMA in EfficienSea
As of November 2011 when DaMSA was closed following a national decision to reorganise Danish maritime resposibilities, EfficienSea is lead by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA).

Besides the responsibility for WP1 Project Management and WP2 Communication, DMA is responsible for WP4 e-Navigation.
About the Danish Maritime Authority
Danish Maritime Authority (in Danish Søfartsstyrelsen) is the national authority responsible for ensuring safety of navigation. 
Mission and tasks
One of the missions of the Danish Maritime Authority is to assure the safety of navigation at sea in Danish, Faroese and Greenland waters.
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The EfficienSea Movie
The e-Navigation Movie
Final Major Event Movie
A Maritime Career
31.01.2012 E-Navigation Underway 2012
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